Available Inventory

6,640 TTAF – Aircraft has served as an Air Medical aircraft and is presently being returned to standard configuration.  Numerous options and avionics affixed to the airframe to include air conditioning.  Well maintained with original and complete maintenance records.

Well maintained L1-30P, Excellent component times remaining, 13,895 TTAF, Garmin 500, Garmin GNS 430W, Garmin SL30 NAV/COM, Garmin GTX330 XPNDR, Utility equipped with numerous top of the line utility options, no damage history.

Originally manufactured as a BA model, converted to a B2 model at approximately 12.000 TTAF.  This conversion was extremely thorough, basically creating a new A/C except for the original airframe hours. Presently in utility cxonfiguration.  Original and complete maintenance records. No damage history.

Excellent utility helicopter.  Many Aeronautical Accessories utility options installed.  Air Conditioning.  Great utility avionics package. Van Horn tail rotor blades.  USFS carded.

McDonnell Douglas MD 530FF

FOR SALE/LEASE 8,700 TTAF - Flight Instruments, Dual Controls, High Skid Gear, Cargo Hook, Auto-Relight, Particle Separator, KY 196 COM, KT 76 XPNDR, HSI, Garmin 250 GPS, TFM 138, Radar Altimeter, L/H Bubble Door, Long Line w/Load Cell & Water Bucket Provisions, Wire Strike, Pulse Light, Standard Utility Interior, No Damage History, Original & Complete Records, Excellent Utility Helicopter Ready For Immediate Delivery.

McDonnell Douglas 530 F

ON LEASE 5,040 TTAF, Flight Instrument Group, Garmin, King & FM Avionics, Standard/Utility Configuration, Dual Controls, High Skid Gear, Cargo Hook, Particle Separator, L/H Long Line Bubble Door, Cargo Hook, Long Line Provisions, No Damage History, Original & Complete Records, Excellent Airframe & Engine Component Times Remaining, Ready To Go To Work.

Piston Engine Helicopters

Robinson R-44

2,215 Total hours.  Due overhaul at 2,200.  Garmin G 500 PFD/MFD, Garmin GNS 430 GPS/NAV/COM, Garmin GTX 327 XPNDR, Garmin SL 40 COM, Leather Interior,.  Well maintained. Original Records.  No damage history.

Off Market Helicopters


OFF MARKET As per STC A/C has all approved UH-1H Huey II modifications. Utility equipped, Left Seat Vertical Reverence Window, Onboard System w/Window Instrumentation Installed, Hi-Vis M/R Blades, WSPS, Donald Barrier Filter, Extended Skid Gear, BLR FastFin Modification, Tail Boom Longeron Modification, VanHorn Tail Rotor Blades, Basic Utility Avionics. USFS Approved. Original and Complete Airframe and Engine Logs Following STC Certification. No Damage History Known. Please call for pricing and spec sheet.

OFF MARKET Flight Instrument Group, Standard Interior, Hi-Vis Doors, Dual Controls, Rear Seat Harness, AeroAir Air Conditioning, Cabin Heat and Demist, High Skid Gear, Dart Flight Steps, Dual Sliding Doors, Expanded Read Door Windows, Pulse Light System, Cargo Hook Provisions, Engine Inlet air Filter, Wired for Movie Camera, Corporate, Personal, Movie Filming Utilization.